The Supply Chain of CO2 Emissions
Steven J. Davis, Glen P. Peters and Ken Caldeira
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Millions of tons (Mt) of CO2 in trade to and from in 2004. Regional differences between Emissions (i.e. the net effect of emissions . In each case, arrows depict largest interregional fluxes of emissions (Mt CO2 y-1) from net exporting countries (blues) to net importing countries (reds); the threshold for arrows is Mt CO2 y-1. Fluxes to and from Europe are aggregated to include all member states of the EU-27.
Source of Emissions in | For CO2 emissions produced by burning in in 2004, the pie chart at left shows where the burned was extracted. For all goods and services consumed in , the pie chart at center shows where was burned to produce the goods and services, and the pie chart at right shows where the required to produce those goods and services were extracted. Each pie shows the top seven sources.